February 5, 2017

Workshops and Presentations for General Public

It’s NOT Just Baby Fat!: How to Help Your Child 
Overview: Helping your child develop healthy eating and activity habits can be tricky. Do you forbid junk food and snacks? Bribe your child to eat vegetables? Putting a child on a diet can backfire, possibly leading to an eating disorder or more weight gain. This entertaining presentation will show you how to guide your child to healthy eating and activity habits without creating a battle of wills or risking an eating disorder.
Separating Food From Feelings
Overview: Eating to soothe unpleasant emotions like stress, depression, anger, or loneliness causes weight gain, guilty feelings, and undermines any attempt to lose weight. Often an emotional upset will trigger a relapse undoing weight loss effort. With several self-assessment tools participants will discover their unique pattern of emotional eating and get specific, targeted techniques for overcoming these habits.